Our team is the collaboration of over eighty years of experience and knowledge of the dairy farming industry. We have a wealth of knowledge at both a corporate and a farm-gate level. This includes farm systems and management, day to day advice, financial planning, human resources, strategic planning and environmental consulting.

As Canterbury farmers ourselves we have a deep understanding as to the environmental changes and pressures faced by dairy farmers within our region. Our team is focused on providing the necessary information and strategic planning to ensure that our farmers have the right understanding of these changes and can focus on reducing environmental impact while maintaining or even increasing profitability.

It is no secret that one of the risks to our industry has been a volatile milk price. One of our aims is to assist farms to incorporate strategies that will protect the business as much as possible and to build that flexibility to allow for sudden changes. 

A passion of ours, and a subject close to our heart, is succession planning. Farming is a long term game and one of the key subjects that we deal with is putting plans in place and assisting discussion around the succession of the farm to the next generation. This is of course a long term process that can benefit from experienced and understanding outside input.

With new environmental rules and regulations coming into force in and around Canterbury, we also provide advice on ways to farm within the limitations set by regional councils whilst maintaining profitability. The most common question farmers ask when discussing the environment is are there ways of reducing my nitrogen loss without effecting my farm profit? We can provide the answer to this using modelling tools to predict the impacts of good management practices. Every farm is different, it’s about finding the right management strategy to fit the farm system. We can also provide farmers with farm environment plans, nutrient budgets and nitrogen baseline reports to ensure they meet all their compliance obligations.

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