Dairy Farm Management Services is a locally owned and operated farm consulting business. We pride ourselves on having a team of consultants and support staff that have practical experience in the dairy industry. We believe the best consultants are the ones who understand the effort and passion that goes into our farms and the strategies that make them work.

We are your partner for business growth.


What is our Mission Statement?
To deliver high quality multi-disciplinary farm advisory services that enhance the long-term value and sustainability of farming businesses focusing on people, profit and performance. We are passionate about our industry and what we do and achieve.


What are our Key Business Objectives?

  1. To be a leading multi-disciplinary agribusiness consulting practice focused in Canterbury and specialising in the needs of the Canterbury farmer.
  2. To have a team of consultants that deliver high quality advice and services to its clients focusing on people, profit and performance.
  3. To place an emphasis on the long term sustainability of our clients’ farming businesses, particularly during time of change and volatility.


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