Kirsty Martin

Moving to New Zealand in 2005 from South West England, Kirsty graduated from Lincoln University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science with honours in plant science.

She secured her first full time job on the West Coast working as a Farm Technician on a large Landcorp property which included 3 dairy units, dairy gazing and a dry stock farm with deer and cattle. It was here she was able to put the systems she had learnt at Lincoln into practice, working alongside the business manager in the office and on the farm.

However, Kirsty’s desire for learning called her back to Canterbury and she embarked on a PhD back at Lincoln in 2015. This was funded through the Forages to Reduce Nitrate Leaching Programme and looked at using alternative forages to lower nitrogen intake in animal diets as well as their dry matter responses to nitrogen. Promising results showed the use of plantain and annual grasses such as Italian ryegrass could be used as alternative forages to reduce nitrate leaching in farm systems.

With a new passion for the environment, Kirsty started full time work for DFMS in March 2018 with her goal being to help farmers farm within the environmental limits whilst maintaining production and profitability. With the use of modelling tools such as Overseer and Farmax, Kirsty can predict N losses in new farm systems which future proofs any new investments that may influence farm nutrient losses such and nitrogen and phosphorous.  With these tools and sound farm systems knowledge, she hopes to provide advice and alternative solutions to farming within the rules set by the regional councils regarding the environment.

Kirsty loves to bake so in her spare time you may find her in the kitchen or in the cab of a tractor with her partner who is a contractor. Although not from a farm, she has always loved the outdoors and animals, which cemented her passion for farming and the agricultural industry.


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